Online Note Trainer

By MONDAY, October 26th they will be required to print the page showing that they received above a 98% on correctly identifying 100 notes. If they make a mistake, then they will need to start over.  Extra credit will given for every 100 correctly identified notes OVER the 100 minimum (provided they maintain the 98% minimum success level)

When  you click on the link it will take you directly to the trainer that is specific for your child's class. With careful monitoring at home I think this can be a fun way to practice reading music.


(1)    Click on the link

(2)    Click on SETTINGS and have your child click and DRAG the lower white note down tobelow the staff (the students know that note), the upper note to the correct line or space. Be sure the correct CLEF is enabled (Treble or Bass). THE STUDENT CAN DO THIS, WE SHOWED THEM!

Flutes – Low D below the staff to the C above the staff (two ledger lines above)

Clarinets, Oboes, Trumpets, French Horn, and Percussion – C below the staff to F on the top line of the staff.

Saxophones – E on the bottom of the staff to the F on the top line of the staff

Trombone, Euphonium, and Bassoon – SWITCH Clef to Bass Clef, then move note to G on the bottom line of the staff and B on top of staff.

Remember that there will be NO FLAT listed in front of the note.

Tuba – SWITCH Clef to Bass Clef. Move whole not to A below the staff to the 4th line F in the staff. Remember that there will be NO FLAT listed in front of the note.

(3)    Click SETTINGS again to return to the test screen.

(4)    Click on the correct note name at the bottom of the page for the note listed on the staff.

(5)    A correct note will show in the counter. If the note is incorrect the right note will display and the counter will show it as incorrect.

(6)    If you make too many mistakes just click the “Reset Scores” and start over.

(7)    The computer will tally the score, keep practicing until you reach 100 correct answers with no more than 2 incorrect answers (go for a perfect score!)

(8)    Once you reach 100 correct (or more!) with 98% or better score, click on the small button with THREE BARS (UNDER the word “Percent”) and that will allow you to print and turn in this assignment. If you have printer problems, then you can scan and email the sheet to your child’s band director. If you email it, please include your child’s name in the subject heading. Again, send it to your band class teacher (not your private lessons teacher).

(9)    Please be sure to write your name and band period on the sheet before submitting to your band director.Papers turned in without a name will be throw away and the students must redo the assignment.

NOTE: We will be going over how to access this online resource in all beginning band classes.

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